About Dr. Verrett

Dr. Verrett is an Integrative Eye Doctor with focus on:

Holistic Health
Medical Eyecare
Nutrition & Detoxification..
She has steadily continued her education since 1990 and has successfully turned her passion
for eyes into a complete Natural Healthcare Consulting Practice.

Her Education. 

In 1998, Dr. Verrett earned her Doctorate at the University of Houston College of Optometry,
in 2007, her Comprehensive Iridologist Certification at Natural Approach to Health, and in
2011, her Holistic Health Coaching Certification at Integrative Nutrition, Manhattan.   She is
currently continuing her education at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado and
sits on the Medical Advisory Board for the International Iridology Practitioners Association

Her Journey.

She began her practice after seeing the miraculous results nutrition & detoxification had in
healing her own thyroid and fertility imbalance, and has worked to share 
her knowlege with patients all over the country.  

As a mother 
she realizes the importance of proper nutrition and education in a person’s complete health
plan.  She has stepped up and aims to empower people to take charge of their own health
through a mix of nutrition, natural and traditional medicine. 

Her Mission.

Dr. Verrett serves to educate and support women who want to use every day food, herbal remedies and
movements to bring about better health, balance & wellbeing to the entire family.


Dr. Verrett uses Her knowlege of the Eye & Iridology as her main tools to move her patients toward
happier and healthier bodies, inside and out. 

Iridology is a scientific technique that has been used for centuries to assist doctors in treating 
their patients.  Itprovides a map of a person’s unique health and genetic
tendencies, and a perfect tool to use in preventing sickness and genetically inherited disease.   

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