Find out how our Busy, Brown-eyed women find the time to heal naturally!

Who is Dr. Keeley W. Verrett?

Dr Keeley W. Verrett is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, University of Houston College of Optometry and Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan. She has been in clinical practice for over 20 years working with brown-eyed people all over the country.
She works with medical doctors, optometrists and professional students to help them implement nutrition and holistic protocols into their treatment plans so that their patients can get the results they desire.
Her life's work has been to understand how the body and the eye are connected, and how to easily implement natural healing plans into the lives of busy, brown-eyed people.  
One of the challenges that people have is that they want to feel better, be more energetic and heal themselves but they either can't find the time OR they don't know what to do.  
The eyes are very, very useful in helping you identify the source of symptoms like exhaustion, weight gain, pain, anxiety and brain fog and heal them BEFORE they become conditions like hypertension, diabetes, depression, fibroids, fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases that require strong medications and complicated medical treatments.
Most people have watched their loved ones suffer, and they have made up their minds that they will be better and do better. But still, they find themselves worn down, stressed out and feeling exhausted, making brown-eyed people more prone to chronic illnesses and left dealing with the very illnesses that they want to avoid. 
So many people that work with Dr. Verrett to heal themselves naturally, are out there trying to do all of the right things, but cannot figure seem to crack the code and understand what their own unique body needs to heal.  
They work out, they eat right, but they are still exhausted, in pain, have anxiety, overweight or can't sleep. No matter what they do, they don't feel like they should, and they get very frustrated and overwhelmed.
The new way to health is based on INDIVIDUALITY not averages.. And the eyes are a beautiful source of you discovering how YOUR body works.. not the average person. This is why it is so difficult to google your way out of your symptoms.
The new way to health is getting EXPERT SUPPORT so that you can finally get the information you need, based on YOUR body and then take What you know and make it work in your busy life. This is why so many people find it so hard to be consistent and get the results they want.  
We hope that you can grab one of the free spots so that you can finally figure out what you are missing and start getting healthy in the quickest, most efficient way possible.






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herbs are food and nature's medicine.
herbs can be used in foods, as teas, as powders, taken internally and used externally.
incorporating herbals into everyday living can make a world of difference.
start by using simple herbs like parsley and cilantro then add some rosemary and thyme..
fresh is always best


I went to many specialists and they diagnosed me from lupus to fibromyalgia or Graves disease. But Dr. Keeley Verret helped me navigate the tools she has and create a Routine that's reasonable, easy to afford and most of all sustainable while having a career and 3 kids a household and a husband. The secret sauce is to use any tools that fit to LET GO all that's build up inside your body and mind.




Before working with Dr. Verrett, I was in constant pain (lower back and leg) that kept me up at night. My pain level was always at an 8, but I refused to take any pain meds. Now I am pain-free and I sleep like a baby almost instantaneously. I am more aware of what I need to do to take better care of myself such as what I put into my body and on my body. Dr. Verrett’s support made all the difference for me. It was the littlest things that I would never have given a second thought that she would bring to light and make a big difference in the way I treated my body.



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